Beta's Information

Breed: Domestic Long Hair,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 7 Years
Can live with: Cats, Children,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Novato, CA

Beta is a lovable house cat who loves belly rubs – he will let you know by flipping over to give you his belly and purr. He is extremely friendly to all people and always wants to cuddle. He even comes to the door when you come home! He will always come to sit on the couch just to be close – he is a true companion. He has lived with other cats and dogs before and just takes time to adjust to new animals. He is neutered and also litter box trained.

Mom’s allergies have gotten exponentially worse over the last year and we are looking for a new home where he can get the love and affection he deserves.

No rehoming fees are to be collected. Any violation of this should be reported here immediately. Violators posts will be removed.

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