Finn's Information

Breed: Schnauzer mixed,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 0-1 Year
Can live with: Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: San Jose, California

Finn is mighty cute, but he is a handful! Finn will do best with an experienced adult(s) who is willing to work on his issues using positive reinforcement, with no kids or cats in the home. He bonds very closely and becomes very protective of his owner. He is also a “Velcro dog” once he bonds with someone; he will have some anxiety separation. However, he is very affectionate but needs time to warm up. He has food and toy guarding aggression, and can be snappy. When given bones, he likes to bury them in couches or the backyard or in his blanket save them for later. He is good on leash but strongly reactive with cats, squirrels, and birds. He is very food motivated and very easy to train. Super smart and needs a lot of play and exercise or will become bored and destructive (chewing). He will eat anything so you need to be careful about what is on the floor and within reach. Will bark, growl, and lunge at strangers, and his current owner has reached out to schedule a session with a behavioral trainer to work on this and other issues. Finn will need a very experienced owner who has the time, patience and knowledge, and is willing to work with a professional trainer/behaviorist and veterinarian if necessary to help Finn become the loving pet he is destined to be.

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